Salmon Fishing

Best salmon fishing lures, spoons and tackle. Moonshine Lures, Kast Master, Little Cleo, Cast Champ and custom made lures. Fishing line, sinkers, floats, swivels, hooks, nets, spawn sac's and more. Shop in-store and online at Terry's Bait Bucket!

Salmon FishingChinook salmon fishing, Lake Michigan on north pier in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Salmon Fishing Lures

Terry's Bait bucket carries Kast Master lures and Cast Champ lures. These two lures have helped shore fishing anglers catch millions of salmon over the years and are must-have lures for every angler's tackle box. These lures cast like bullets and are excellent for long distance casting into the wind, heavy wave conditions, strong currents and jigging through the ice for trout. Shop in-store for Kast Masters in custom colors!

salmon fishing casting lures


Shop for Moonshine Lures, Super Glow, casting spoons and Little Cleo casting spoons. Moonshine Lures, Super Glow spoons, glow longer and brighter than any spoon in the market. A must-have casting spoon for night time, predawn and dusk fishing, these spoons even glow in the day time! The Little Cleo is recognized around the world for it's fish catching action and is another excellent spoon for salmon fishing. The best casting spoon for casting into the wind, the Little Cleo comes in many colors and patterns, to include hammered, glow and super glow.

moonshine lures
little cleo

Fishing Line

Terry's Bait Bucket carries and recommends, Sufix brand fishing line for your salmon fishing needs. Sufix Elite, Sufix Siege and Sufix ProMix in 12 lb. test, monofilament lines. 12 lb. test, monofilament line is great for both casting and bottom rigs.

Sufix fishing line


Terry's Bait Bucket carries sinkers, floats, swivels and hooks for your salmon fishing needs. Split shot, egg, flat and triangle sinkers in a large variety of weights in-store, and recommended varieties online. Lindy brand snell floats in a variety of colors, barrel swivels by Eagle Claw for adding a leader line for bottom rig set ups, coastlock snap swivels for casting and Gamakatsu hooks.

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salmon fishing floats
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Spawn Sacs, Netting and Cure

Shop in-store for salmon and trout spawn sacs in chartreuse, pink and orange. Shop in-store and online for spawn netting, thread and spawn cure.

salmon spawn sacs
salmon spawn netting
salmon spawn cure